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Capital Management

Over 3.5 years of consistent gains and outperformance of both large cap and small cap indices via active management through a combination of long equity positions and long + short option positions. 

Focus is on 1-3 month trades with a tight risk management plan and regular performance analysis. 

Content Creation

A unique combination of robust trading experience and a long held passion for writing combine to produce stock, strategy and industry specific content for blogs, websites and white papers of U.S. financial services companies. 

Content has been created for industry leaders across the fintech and financial services space on both an ad-hoc and a regular basis. Aside from client websites, content is also published regularly on and Twitter.

Being able to combine a passion for finance and a talent for writing has allowed for gripping, informative and high quality output. 

Market commentary (via @kincoracapital)

Weekly Market Recap

Kincora Capital - Market Recap 06-03-18: SPX AAPL TSLA ITALY

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- The story so far -

Kincora Capital as an idea was born in the middle of a chilly evening run in early 2014. Dissatisfied with 10 hours of Excel every day in my first financial role, I took what I'd learned from a year trading my own funds and putting that to work with outside capital, launched the fund.  

Consistent success in the 4 years since coupled with an active Twitter feed of market commentary and trade ideas has led to ongoing content creation opportunities opening up.